More Scripps: Spotlight on Moe Macarow ’07

Moe Macarow '07

Aron “Moe” Macarow ’07 would say that he is “not your typical Scripps alum.” Macarow identifies as a queer, Jewish, trans man who has spent much of his life in self-discovery.

Since graduating, he has medically and legally transitioned genders and has converted to Judaism. He says navigating Scripps was difficult before the College began considering the experiences of the trans and gender-variant communities on campus. An active participant in these conversations, Macarow has eagerly given back to the College and the Scripps community since graduation, providing mentorship and advice to fellow graduates on navigating life after Scripps.

A dual major in religious studies and critical theory and identity studies, a self-designed major, Macarow has used a variety of skills as a creative consultant and web developer. “Today, I am self-employed in Los Angeles,” he says. “Despite not working in an industry related to my majors, I have been able to use the critical thinking, communication, and research skills in my work. Scripps encouraged my love of learning and commitment to scholarship.”

Following graduation, Macarow has worked in a variety of industries, including hospitality, special events, journalism, and marketing. These experiences provided him the tools to become self-employed earlier this year. Macarow focuses his work as a consultant in the nonprofit and restaurant industries. “My advice to Scripps students is to say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’ to unique internships and co-curricular opportunities.” He received similar guidance from his mentors and advisers while in college.

Looking back at his Scripps experience, Macarow is grateful for all he accomplished. While in college, he worked with campus administrators to ensure that every Claremont college provided space for at least one public all-gender restroom, and he helped establish TRANScend, the 7-College transgender and gender-variant student alliance, in response to the need for more awareness and community in Claremont.