Distinguished Alumna of the Year

First presented in 1978, the Scripps College Distinguished Alumna Award was established to celebrate the notable achievements of Scripps alumnae and to focus attention on Scripps’ role in the education of women. The award each year is presented during Reunion Weekend.

Latest Recipient: Gayle Pope Morrison '71

For 40 years, Gayle Pope Morrison has worked with the Hmong community in refugee services, education, business, and as an oral historian.  Her first book, Sky Is Falling, documents the harrowing evacuation of U.S. supported Hmong from Laos in May 1975.  Her second book, Hog’s Exit, captures the life, mysterious death, and traditional Hmong funeral held for Jerry Daniels, a former CIA officer in Laos.  The National Endowment for the Humanities has supported Gayle’s current Hmong research for a third book.

Gayle has traveled to Hmong refugee camps in Thailand and tribal villages in Laos.  Her BA is in sociology with an MA in psychology.

All Recipients

  Alumna Position
2016 Gayle Pope Morrison '71
2015 Dwandalyn R. Reece '85
2014 Margo Leonetti O’Connell '64
2013 Sally Reeves Osberg '73 CEO, Skoll Foundation
2012 Maxine Borowsky Junge '59 Artist/art therapist/writer/educator/social activist
2011 Virginia Stibbs Anami '66
2010 Gaye Burpee '69 Deputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Catholic Relief Services
2009 Cynthia “Pae” White '85 Artist
2008 Connie Butler '84 The Robert Lehman Foundation Chief Curator of Drawings, Museum of Modern Art, New York
2007 Louise Langlois Francesconi '75 President, Raytheon Missile Systems
2006 Dr. Kathleen Brogan Schwarz '64 Pediatric gastroenterologist
2005 Dede Allen '45 Film Editor
2004 Barbara Cook Wormser '59 Founder and President, Inland Harvest
2003 Alison Saar '78 Artist
2002 Pamela Corey-Archer '62 Minister-Counselor, Madrid, Spain
2001 Hannah-Beth Jackson '71 Assemblymember, 35th District
2000 Beth Nolan '73 Counsel, President of the United States
1999 Marsha Genesky '80 Performer and Recording Artist
1998 Susan Fallows Tierney '73 Economic and Public Policy Analyst
1997 Barbara Arnwine '73 Civil Rights Attorney