Complete Set of Fall 2017 Artists’ Books

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This semester Scripps, Harvey Mudd, and Pomona students created limited-edition letterpress artists’ books. These students represent the following majors: Art, Art Conservation/Art History, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English., and Public Policy. The subject matter covered in their books is as wide ranging as their disciplines. This group of student artists’ books includes an encyclopedic survey of pigments, discussion of the Los Angeles water system, a portrait of world teas, and the concept of “face” in Chinese culture. As last semester, each artist’s book represents the effort and vision of an individual student. Edition sizes range from twelve to fifteen copies.

Pigments by Milena Carothers is a hardcover stab bound book that features ten carved linoleum prints with corresponding letterpress text. The book explores some of the odd origins of dyes and paints and examines them in real artifacts from a variety of locations and centuries. The edition size is fifteen copies. 5.5 by 7 inches.

Loose Leaf
Loose Leaf by Morgan Carothers is a flag book showcasing teas from across the globe. It features ten teas, both herbal and caffeinated, and each is accompanied by a linoleum block print and brewing instructions, and the country or region where it traditionally sipped. Letterpress printed on Rives BFK paper with tea stained rice paper pages, the edition size is fifteen copies. 7 by 8.5 inches.

Changing Face, Saving Face
A mix of letterpress and linocut masks with Rives BFK and laser cut Hahnemuehle Ingres paper, Changing Face, Saving Face is an accordion fold book designed, printed, and bound by Josephine Ren. Commenting on the immigrant/Chinese American experience, this book is an interplay between the “changing face” opera of Sichuan province, China and the sociological concept of “face” in Chinese culture. The edition size is fifteen copies. 8 by 9 inches.

Finding Hygge
Accompanied by a vial of fragrance, Finding Hygge by Ishbel McCann is a stab bound, hardcover book grapples with the Danish concept of Hygge. The artist sought to create a piece that would embody coziness. From the padded cover to the warm color palette, linocut sketches and letterpress text, this artist’s book with its accompanying vial of fragrance is meant to give the reader an understanding of a concept that does not precisely translate into English. Letterpress printed on kitakata paper. The edition size is fifteen copies. 3.5 by 5.5 inches.

Monstrosity, created by Savannah Mellberg, is a commentary on how monsters are perceived in western culture. Containing letterpress text, cut vinyl and linocut images, this accordion-folded artist’s book includes sewn pamphlets and a mix of Rives BFK, lokta, and Ingres papers. The edition size is fifteen copies. 4.25 by 4.25 inches.

Please Touch
Covered in green goatskin leather, Please Touch by Zora E. Martin contains six pockets lined with rabbit fur, gold leaf, sandpaper, birch bark, pebbles, and silk. It explores a culture which invites people to fantasize about physical touch, but, in most cases, does not allow it. The subject of the book is the constant interplay between language, apparel, and desire in a creation of the irresistible while simultaneously denying exactly what is tantalizing. The edition size is twelve copies. 5 by 8 inches.

Letterpress printed on BFK Rives cotton paper with a PVC pipe binding, Flows is an artist’s book by Duncan Crowley about the story of water in Southern California. It seeks to answer the questions: Where does SoCal water come from? How does it get to you? And where does it go from there? The edition size is fifteen copies. 9.5 by 8 inches.

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