Alumnae Engagement

Office Hours

Monday-Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Offices are closed on observed holidays.


The mission of the Office of Alumnae Engagement is to create opportunities for alumnae to connect with the College in ways that are meaningful, add value to the Scripps community, and lead to increased overall engagement.

Staff Members

Virginia Halverson
Assistant Vice President of Institutional Engagement
(909) 607-7533

Kendra Pineda
Director of Alumnae Engagement
(909) 607-1537

Bianca Delgado
Coordinator, Institutional Engagement
(909) 607-1536

Steve Flores
Assistant Director of Alumnae Engagement
(909) 607-1969

Adro Keys
Administrative Assistant for Institutional Engagement
(909) 607-7991

Office Location