The Scripps Experience: The Scripps 360° First-Year Program


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As any alumna can attest, Scripps is more than just a place to learn—the College calls students to embrace leadership, service, integrity, and creativity as part of their path to graduation. To that end, Scripps offers students myriad ways to develop their abilities both inside and outside the classroom, from clubs and athletics and grants and internships to volunteer opportunities, student government, and peer mentoring.

For those new to Scripps, navigating the rigors, opportunities, and wealth of resources can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why the Dean of Students Office established Scripps 360°, a comprehensive initiative that points students toward positive transition and growth in their college journeys.

Scripps 360° orients new students to the College in meaningful, productive ways. Participants get instantly connected to the campus community, meeting peer mentors, resident advisors, classmates, faculty, and staff in workshops and sessions designed to help them get the most out of their first year. They also get acquainted with various College offices and the resources they offer as well as learn useful tips and tactics—how to balance studies with work and social life, how to apply for grants and internships, how to manage stress and stay healthy, and more.

Scripps 360° begins in August with New Student Orientation and continues throughout the year via peer-to-peer discussion panels, Workshop 360°, and the Scripps Presents speaker series. Although designed with the specific needs of first-years in mind, Scripps 360° programs are open to all Scripps students, and the full schedule is available on the Scripps app.


Here are some program highlights this fall:


Sept. 6, 12:15 pm: Social Media: @Scripps @Me—a workshop on managing your social media presence

Sept. 9, 11 am: First-Year Fall Fest—a celebration of the Class of 2021

Sept. 13, 12:15 pm: Core Curriculum Discussions—a guide to passionate, productive discourse in the classroom

Sept. 20, 12:15 pm: TwelvePointOh—some advice for achieving the 12.0 GPA

Sept. 27, 12:15 pm: “Building Healthy Relationships”—managing new friendships and more in your first year

Oct. 4, 12:15 pm: Leadership 360 with the Laspa Center—an interactive workshop on understanding your own leadership style

Oct. 25, 12:15 pm: SCORE: What Is Community?—an interactive session on creating and participating in community at Scripps

Nov. 1, 12:15 pm: Summertime: Internships and Grants—tips for landing that summer gig from Career Planning & Resources

Nov. 8, 12:15 pm: Pre-Registration with Kelly—a how-to session on spring semester academic preregistration

Nov. 15, 12:15 pm: Scripps Across the Globe—an info session with Study Abroad and Global Education


For more about Scripps 360°, click here.