Spring Semester Update

January 21, 2022

Dear Students,

Happy Friday! I am following up to the announcement Interim President Marcus-Newhall made today regarding classes next week and other updates on campus life.

Update on Classes

Starting Monday, January 24, classes at Scripps will be able to be taught outdoors with approval from the Dean of Faculty. Faculty will communicate with students through their Canvas or Sakai announcement feature. Please be sure to pay close attention to announcements from Canvas or Sakai!

Faculty will accommodate students unable to participate in person due to COVID-related issues and they will determine the best way to do so for their classes and share that information with their students. Pomona, HMC, and Pitzer will continue remote instruction for week two. All campuses intend to resume in-person instruction in week three beginning on January 31.

Campus Life

I am excited to share that all common spaces in the residential halls will be open as of Monday, January 24. All residence hall kitchens will remain available for food preparation only. There should be no eating or drinking in the shared kitchens. Surgical-grade mask or higher is required at all times in all indoor spaces and students are encouraged to maintain distance from others while indoors. Other common spaces across campus, including SCORE, Student Union, classrooms, conference rooms, etc. will remain closed until further notice.

The Tiernan Field House will remain open for outdoor activities only, and the Field House pool will remain closed until further notice. Scripps students can use functional and cardiovascular equipment (bikes and rowing machines) on the lower and upper balconies, outside of TFH. Access to the Field House will be through the west balcony and patrons will not be able to access restrooms or locker rooms until further notice.

All student events must continue to be virtual or outdoors. CLORGS and other Scripps-only groups will be able to plan events during this time. All events must be requested and approved through the Office of Student Engagement. Events for the spring semester are currently being reviewed. As a reminder, events are limited to 10 students at a time including host(s)/facilitator(s) and participants. A surgical-grade mask or higher is required at all times for in-person outdoor events. Eating and drinking will not be allowed at events during this time. Again, these protocols are in place for the beginning of the semester.

The Student Deans Committee will meet in February to reevaluate cross-campus activities. 7C students will not be permitted in Scripps housing. This will also be reevaluated in the coming weeks.

Dining @ Scripps

Starting next week, I am excited to share that Malott Commons will open the dining rooms at 40% occupancy. This is in addition to the ample outdoor seating available across the campus. The Hampton Room will be used as an alternative dining space should rainy weather develop and will also be at 40% occupancy. Food trucks will be on campus through the first week of February to support de-densification of Malott and give students a variety of food/meal options. Students are also encouraged to use mobile ordering. Students can pick up orders at the East/West allée through the first week of February. Be on the lookout for more information from Malott Commons!

Students are encouraged to join Academic Affairs and Student Affairs staff for a Spring Return 2022 webinar today at 4:30 pm PST. There will be an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation.

In Community,

Dean di Bartolo-Beckman