November Update for Students

Dear Students,

Happy Tuesday & Election Day! Remember, your voice counts and a way you can help see change is by Voting. Get out the Vote! In this communication, you will find the following updated information:

  • Mandatory testing after Thanksgiving Break
  • Reporting positivity during Thanksgiving and Winter break to Student Health Services and Contact Tracers

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing after Thanksgiving Break

All students will be expected to participate in mandatory testing the week after Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 28–Dec. 2) unless they are within 90 days of a previous infection. Additional reminder(s) for Thanksgiving Break Testing will be provided. We will maintain the class schedule for testing:

  • Monday: First-Years Test
  • Tuesdays: Sophomores Test
  • Wednesday: Juniors Test
  • Thursdays: Seniors and Post-Bacs Test
  • Friday: Anyone who missed a test

For Thanksgiving, vending machines will remain operational for students to obtain kits up until Wednesday, November 23rd. Students will not be able to submit samples between Wednesday, November 23rd (evening after 5pm) through Saturday, November 26th (evening after 5pm) because the lab will not pick up samples until Monday, November 28th.

Upon your return to campus, you are expected to test once the week of November 28th. It must be done on campus (outside test do not count towards your compliance). If you are unsure about testing and or have concerns, please reach out to Shawnice Ross for guidance.

As always, COVID-19 testing is available Monday through Friday at SHS or the COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machines 24/6 (test dropped off between Friday after 5pm and Saturday before 5pm will not be valid). For a list of all COVID-19 Vending Machines, please check here.

Reporting positivity during breaks to SHS/Contact Tracers

If you get sick with COVID-19 during College Breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, etc.) please make sure you alert SHS Contact Tracers at [email protected] or call them at 909- 607-9995 within 48 hours so that they can follow up with you and provide guidance to return to campus. If you have any questions or if you are having a hard time reaching them, please let Shawnice Ross at [email protected] so she can follow up with them.

For more information about Scripps College COVID-19 policies and protocol, you can visit Scripps Strong.

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, and Always Stay Fierce!

Dean di Bartolo-Beckman
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Shawnice Ross
COVID-19 Student Affairs Service Coordinator and DOS Projects Manager