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By now you have received the information from President Tiedens regarding the next few weeks of the semester. I know you many of you have questions, as do I, but we will work together to chart the path in the coming weeks. Please feel free to come by the office to talk through any concerns or questions.

Scripps campus is open and will remain open during spring break and the rest of the spring 2020 semester. We know this is a confusing and difficult time, and we are here help make this semester a success. We are here to answer questions and provide support. Please keep updated too.

Some topics of interest:


Your F-1 status is not impacted by the decision to go home or the change to online courses. US government agencies recently issued guidance regarding COVID-19 adjustments to academic programs and maintenance of visa status. The guidance allows for greater flexibility than usual which will allow you to maintain your F-1 visa status if you decide to return home or stay on campus. Please note that in order to keep your F-1 status, you do need to attend and complete your online courses.

If you are returning home:
Make sure your Form I-20 has a travel signature that was signed after September 1, 2019. If you need a new travel signature, stop by the Registrar’s Office for a travel signature. If you leave campus without a new signature, we can mail a new one to you later on, if necessary.

Please take a second to try and think as calmly as possible about deciding whether to stay or not.  It is a lot to think about rather suddenly and on a short deadline, but if at all possible, try to avoid making panic-influenced decisions, even if it that means just taking 5 minutes to slow down, breathe deeply and focus just on the issue at hand.


Continue to monitor US Department of State travel advisories and reliable news sources regarding travel restrictions. At the moment, there are restrictions for non-US citizens to enter the US if they have visited China or Iran within 14 days of reentry. There has also been a recent announcement confirming effective March 13 midnight travel from Europe to the US will be suspended for the next 30 days, not including the United Kingdom. Keep up to date on the US Department of State and NAFSA websites.


For those of you living on-campus where leaving would be very difficult/practically impossible, please submit the request form here on your housing portal by Friday, March 13. For details, see Guidance for Students.


Spring break has been extended another week. Classes will move to online delivery starting the week of March 30.

Your classes are scheduled to take place at the same time as they have been so far this semester.  Unfortunately for those in different time zones, that could mean they will take place at non-traditional hours. Depending on the professor, the subject material, and the class type (discussion vs. lecture based for instance) perhaps screen recordings or recorded material may be available, but that would be the exception to the rule, so prepare for class to be in the middle of the night.

Please continue to check your Scripps email as updates regarding your classes will continue to come from the College, your faculty, and/or both.


More information will come as we receive it. Please feel free to stop by to Marge Kligerman or me in Balch 121.  We want to help make this semester successful for you; our office remains open and staffed and we’re here to help you as you figure out next steps.

Finally, here are some additional links to monitor with information:


CDC’s Response to NAFSA’s Questions:

Wishing you the very best, contact us if you have questions.

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