COVID-19 Update: April 15

Dear Students,

I write as an update to my communications last week due to the COVID-19 surge we experienced across the Claremont Colleges. I am happy to report our numbers are much lower this week. We had a total of eight positive student COVID-19 cases this week. Though it is imperative we remain vigilant of mitigation practices, I am happy to share that we have lifted the 10-person cap on outdoor student events. All events must be registered and approved by the Office of Student Engagement (OSE); any unauthorized events will be shut down. Student events will remain Scripps-only for the time being, and masking outdoors is strongly recommended if social distancing is not possible.

All other mitigation factors remain in place:

  • Cross-campus dining has been suspended until further notice.
  • All dining will remain outdoors. The dining rooms at Malott will be 0% capacity and there will be limited capacity in the servery at Malott.
  • All 5C student events and parties, including 5C clubs, will be canceled until further notice.
  • All student events must be outdoors.
  • Surgical masks are strongly recommended at all outdoor events when social distancing cannot be achieved.

I urge students to continue to be mindful of their behavior on and off campus, especially as many students are heading to Coachella this weekend and/or next weekend. What you do off campus effects all of us on campus!

As a reminder, students who are positive for COVID-19 will not be able to leave isolation or be on campus until cleared by Student Health Services. This includes, but is not limited to, not being able to (1) attend finals in person or in-person end-of-year events, (2) pack belongings to move out at the end of the semester, and (3) graduate in person.

We will continue to monitor cases and notify the community when we may be able to resume previous practices. I ask for the continued attention to current mitigation practices and to keeping our community safe. Adherence to health and safety protocols, including testing and masking, is imperative to stopping the spread of COVID-19 on campus. For further information please visit Scripps Strong.

In Community,

Dean di Bartolo-Beckman

Interim Vice President for Students Affairs and Dean of Students