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May 4, 2023

Lindsey Galloway ’07 Earns Sundance Honors for New Screenplay

When Lindsey Galloway ’07 wrote her senior thesis, a feminist reinterpretation of historical novels, she didn’t expect that her academic research would eventually lead to an award-winning screenplay.

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April 27, 2023

Spotlight on Seniors: Vivian Monteiro ’23’s Art Shines in Debut Solo Exhibition

On campus, the Williamson Gallery has been instrumental in connecting Monteiro with the art community at Scripps and elsewhere.

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April 26, 2023

Spotlight on Seniors: Hannah Lebow ’23 Brings an International Perspective to Art History

While she ultimately chose Scripps for its strong French academics, Lebow chose to pursue an art history minor while in Paris.

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April 13, 2023

Julia Lum Awarded 2023 Getty/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowship

Lum’s fellowship project, Landfalls: Art Between Britain and Polynesia, reexamines and re-centers art history in the Pacific region from the 18th century onward.

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April 7, 2023

Art Classes Provide Foundation for Alex Trimm ’14’s Sustainability Career

As an optimization lead for Flashfood, an app that collaborates with grocery stores to reduce food waste, Trimm uses her visualization and communication skills to conduct data analysis.

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April 4, 2023

Anna-Louise Walton ’14 Uses Practical Interdisciplinary Skills in Music Composition Career

Professors in the music departments at both Scripps and Pomona College were instrumental (no pun intended) in affirming her passion for music, and their support helped give her the confidence to pursue a career in music. Her time at Scripps also equipped her with the practical skills necessary for a career in the arts; namely, knowing how to write.

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April 3, 2023

At Sunlit Residency, Cándida Jáquez Conducts Research into All-Female Mariachi Band

” . . . we often are scrambling for time to really have the space to sit down and do something like writing,” Jáquez said of the residency.

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March 17, 2023

heidi rhodes Receives 2023–24 Creative Capital Award for Book Project

The project, Vital Signs, “foregrounds an anti-ableist way of being, premised on relationality and interdependency, with special attention to form as part of sick/disabled practices for living differently.”

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March 16, 2023

Ellen Finkelpearl’s Collaborative Book Translated into Thai

The book, co-authored by philosopher Peter Singer, is an abridged version of Apuleius’ Golden Ass with essays about the book as a text sympathetic to the sufferings of animals.

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March 15, 2023

Spotlight on Faculty: Jean Chen Ho, Mary Routt Chair of Writing

“Writing is a solitary activity, but finding community in like-minded thinkers and readers can be so wonderful in the writing process,” Ho says. “In all my classes, I want students to gain a greater sense of themselves and their own work, to learn how to see themselves more clearly and with more careful attention.”

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