Cost of Attendance

Estimated 2021-2022 costs for full-time, degree-seeking, residential students (on-campus or off-campus and not with parents):

Tuition and Fees $58,442
Room and Board $18,998
Books and Supplies $800
Personal Expenses* $1,500
Transportation** $500-$1,500
Total Costs $80,2400 – $81,240

*The personal expense allowance includes the average Federal Direct Loan origination fee experienced by borrowers in the 2020-2021 academic year. The Claremont College Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) premium is not included in the amount listed above, but may be added to your cost of attendance upon request. For those students purchasing SHIP, the premium for the 2021-2022 academic year is $2,782.

**The transportation allowance vary by student based on the geographic location of their permanent residence.

Not all of these costs will appear as charges on your student account statement. Rather the amounts above for books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation are allowances used in the determination of your demonstrated financial need. Your actual costs may vary.

Families should anticipate that the cost of attendance will change each academic year.  Generally, the Board of Trustees sets the amount of tuition, fees, room, and board charges for the upcoming academic year at their meeting in early March.

Yes. Scripps provides two tools to help you estimate your college costs and eligibility for need-based aid.  For a ballpark estimate, just answer 6 questions on the Scripps College MyIntuition Quick College Cost Estimator to get an idea of the range of your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and what need-based aid you may be eligible for.  For a more in depth review, enter your detailed financial information into the Scripps College Net Price Calculator to get a more detailed view of how much aid you may be qualified to receive.

We understand that paying for college is a significant investment, and we appreciate that all families make sacrifices to invest in a college education. Only you and your family can make a decision if you Scripps College is a good financial fit for your family.  Financial aid is intended to make college available to students from diverse financial backgrounds. Scripps College meets 100% of demonstrated financial need as determined under our formula. Click here for more information on how we determine financial aid

Financial aid awards are based on the the standard cost of living on campus and having a 16-meal plan. If you choose a meal plan other than the 16-meal plan, your financial aid award will not change as a result of the change in your meal plan. If you are approved by the Dean of Students to live off-campus and you are not living with parents or other relatives, your financial aid award will not change as a result of your change in housing. Students who live with parents or other relatives, will experience a change in their cost of attendance and a change in the financial aid award.

Because these changes will impact the amount you are billed, you may be able to receive a refund from the Student Accounts Office of excess financial aid (if any) to help you with your off-campus expenses.

Scripps College Student Accounts Office offers a payment option for families who wish to pay in installments. With this plan, the comprehensive fees, minus financial aid, are paid in four equal installments each semester. Fall semester payments are due August 1st through November 1st, and January 1st through April 1st for spring semester. Payment Option Forms for this plan must be mailed in May and received in the Billing Office by June 15th. A non-refundable fee of $50.00 per semester will be charged to your student account to participate in the payment plan. For more information, click here.