IDEA Newsletter – May 2023

IDEA Newsletter


EJ Team Reflections on 2023

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”- Hal Borland


The Equity and Justice (EJ) Leadership Team was formed in 2021 with a goal of developing and sustaining a cohesive approach to the cultivation of campus inclusion, belonging, and equity. The team has focused on elevating dialogue within the campus community and has explored ways to enhance the student, faculty, and staff experience at Scripps –  a “going on” process that will support future inclusion and justice efforts.

Last year we announced a number of goals:

  1.  Update the diversity and inclusion plan;
  2.  Share NACCC survey results and create an action plan for recommendations;
  3.  Continue equity and justice learning opportunities for the Scripps Community;
  4.  Encourage every member of the community to participate in an education program annually;
  5. Collaborate with the president on high impact practices; and
  6.  Institutionalize the structure of the team.


While many of these goals are progressing, our work with CIDE in reviewing the NACCC student and staff survey data has led to deepening our understanding of leverage points to increase belonging and inclusion. The various learning opportunities for faculty and staff uncovered the opportunity to create and implement departmental DEIJ action plans with the goal of strengthening the culture of belonging and equity at Scripps. The EJ Leadership Team has been concretely integrated into the College’s administrative structure with the implementation of a dedicated funding source. In addition, the Racial Justice & Equity Fellows have been engaged in relevant and notable research pursuits. Lastly, the EJ team has developed a new DEIJ framework for community input and consideration.

It has been a consequential year in which we acquired new awareness and wisdom, which will be taken forward into the coming years. We are grateful to the dynamic and diverse campus community for all of your collaboration in the journey to creating a community in which all students, faculty, and staff are welcomed and valued.

Denise, Leslie, Marissiko, and Mary

Departmental DEIJ Action Plans

Scripps believes that all members of our community have a role in creating an inclusive and welcoming campus.  One way to help individuals and groups recognize their agency in these efforts is to develop departmental DEIJ action plans.  This year Scripps piloted a program to support departments (academic and administrative) as they developed such plans.

Six departments (Business Affairs, Denison Library, Keck Science, LASPA Center, Psychology, and Tiernan Field House) participated in this program with support from Mary Hatcher-Skeers and Nick Daily.  The program included an introductory informational meeting, one-on-one meetings to support each department as they developed goals and actions, peer-editing between departments, and a final workshop to finalize the plans and celebrate the group’s work.

The final workshop was held on April 24th. Each group will be providing plans that will be posted to the IDEA webpage as examples to inspire other departments as they develop their own DEIJ action plans.

The EJ Team wishes to acknowledge and thank each of the participating departments and their members who devoted their time and energy toward this important work.


New Faculty

This year, Scripps College underwent four tenure track faculty searches.  The Dance, French, Philosophy and Psychology departments each had their search committees participate in anti-bias search trainings and adopt advertising and evaluation practices that promote the development of deep and diverse candidate pools and inclusive hiring processes.  We are excited to welcome our new faculty (listed below) to campus next year.
Professor Chloe Vettier, French
Professor Abdiel Jacobsen, Dance
Professor Heejung Park, Psychology
Professor Martin Glazier, Philosophy

Upcoming Events

Spring 2023 Student Surveys

This spring, first-year students will be invited to participate in the Your First College Year (YFCY) Survey and graduating seniors will be invited to participate in the College Senior Survey (CSS).  Both first-year students and graduating seniors should have received an email message on April 17 from [email protected] containing their personalized survey links.

Your input will help Scripps College understand your experiences inside and outside the classroom and will be used to improve campus life and to create a more successful learning environment. We appreciate your willingness and the time you give to provide feedback on your college experience!

Any questions should be directed to the Office of Assessment & Institutional Research at [email protected].

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