The study of politics includes a broad range of subject matter, including American politics, political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public policy, and political economy. The Department of Politics is committed to interdisciplinary approaches to the study of these subjects, and is prepared to accept, for example, courses in history, economics, and legal studies towards completion of the major.

Students are advised to consult with their major adviser in order to choose a set of courses that best serves their interests, academic goals, and career objectives. The Politics major at Scripps College encourages students to take advantage of study abroad and internship opportunities that complement their major study.

Dual and Double Majors

Dual and double programs combining politics with a wide range of other majors are possible, but require early planning and careful selection of courses. A double major requires that the student complete all requirements for each program, including Senior Seminar and Senior Thesis, but may have two courses that overlap. A dual major allows the student to combine majors in completing one senior seminar and one senior thesis.

Faculty List


Andrews, David

Professor of International Relations; Gabrielle Marie-Louise Jungels-Winkler Chair in Contemporary European Studies
Phone: 78102

Brown, Owen

Visiting Assistant Professor in Politics
Phone: 73549

Golub, Mar

Associate Professor of Politics
Phone: 73380

Kim, Thomas

Associate Professor of Politics
Phone: 73535

Neiman, Nancy

Professor of Politics
Phone: 73549

Pahwa, Sumita

Associate Professor of Politics; Chair, Department of Politics
Phone: 73154

Tyson, Vanessa

Associate Professor of Politics