The Tea with our Admission Ambassadors

What's the tea about Scripps? Our students are here to spill it! Here they will share their experiences at Scripps ranging from courses, internships, and study tips through their blogs. To learn more about our admission ambassadors, check out their bios!

Summer Admission Ambassadors

June 1, 2022: Meet Lizbeth ’23

Blogger: Lizbeth Valdivia-Jauregui ’23

June 1, 2022: Meet Melina ’25

Blogger: Melina Durre ’25

Learn more about the Student Perspective

Spring Admission Ambassadors

February 21, 2022: Meet Salina ’22

Blogger: Salina Teklay ’22

February 21, 2022: Meet Maya ’25

Blogger: Maya Garcia ’25

August 30, 2021: Meet Caroline ’22

Blogger: Caroline Albro ’22

August 30, 2021: Meet Siena ’22

Blogger: Siena Hinshelwood ’22

August 30, 2021: Meet Nathalie ’22

Blogger: Nathalie Marx ’22

August 30, 2021: Meet Angie ’22

Blogger: Angie Navarro ’22

August 30, 2021: Meet Sydney ’23

Blogger: Sydney Jackson ’23

August 30, 2021: Meet Nancy ’23

Blogger: Nancy Puente ’23

August 30, 2021: Meet Ana ’23

Blogger:  Ana Rodríguez ’23

August 30, 2021: Meet Rinny ’23

Blogger: Rinny Williamson ’23

August 30, 2021: Meet Sam ’24

Blogger: Sam Clark ’24

September 16, 2021: Meet Louise ’24

Blogger: Louise Schiele ’24


October 28, 2021: Spotlight on the Sallie Tiernan Field House

Blogger: Siena Hinshelwood ’22

Find out about the resources at our field house.

October 29, 2021: Advice for First-Gen Prospective Students

Blogger: Angie Navarro ’22

Some advice for first-gen prospective students from current first-gen students!

February 23, 2022: Choosing a Full-Year Study Abroad Program

Blogger: Caroline Albro ’22

Caroline shares about her experience studying abroad in London.

March 2, 2022: Advice for my First-Year Self

Blogger: Siena Hinshelwood ’22

Siena reflects on some things she’d want her past self to know.

March 4, 2022: Declaring My Major and Why

Blogger: Salina Teklay ’22

Salina tells the story of how she declared her major while still being able to enjoy other subjects.

March 23, 2022: My Favorite Classes (so far)

Blogger: Sydney Jackson ’23

Sydney talks about some of her favorite classes she’s taken at Scripps and the 5Cs.

April 10, 2022: Siena’s Thesis Experience

Blogger: Siena Hinshelwood ’22

Siena describes some key experiences from her time writing her thesis. Read more here.

April 11, 2022: Spotlighting The Motley <3

Blogger: Angie Navarro ’22

Angie spotlights Scripps’ Motley Coffeehouse, where she is also a barista. Read about it here!

April 15, 2022: Café con Leche at Scripps!

Blogger: Nancy Puente ’23

Nancy talks about being a member of Café con Leche at Scripps! Read more here.

May 4, 2022: Flashback: A Year in Person!

Blogger: Sam Clark’24

Sam reviews what she learned in her year on campus! Read about it here.

November 9th, 2021: Holding an Internship in College

Blogger: Caroline Albro ’22

Check out my post about balancing an internship, classes, and a social life at Scripps.

March 27th, 2022: Making Your College Decision Virtually

Blogger: Louise Schiele ’24

Read my tips for making your college decision virtually here!

March 27th, 2022: The In’s and Out’s of Intramural Sports at Scripps College

Blogger: Sam Clark ’24

Read my overview for intramural sports at Scripps here!

April 11th, 2022: Majoring Off Campus at the Claremont Colleges

Blogger: Caroline Albro ’22

Learn more about majoring off-campus at another Claremont College here!