Admission Ambassadors

Our Admission Ambassador Team is eager to share their experiences at Scripps with you, and help you and your family learn about the academic and extracurricular activities offered at the College. Meet them below — you may see them again on campus!

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Leonida Radford ’17: Lead Ambassador

Leonida is a senior from San Francisco, CA, majoring in Biochemistry and is on the Pre-Medical track. During her time at Scripps, Leonida has been involved in various on campus groups. During her sophomore year, she was the Vice President of Wanawake Weusi, a group at Scripps for students who identify with being of African decent, a peer mentor for the First-Generation Program, a group for students who are the first in their families to attend college, as well as a Lab Teaching Assistant for Integrated Biological Chemistry, a course that combines the first semesters of biology and chemistry, and for Organic Chemistry. During the summer of her first year, Leonida worked with Aim High, a non-profit summer enrichment program for middle school students, where she taught the students Biology, as well as cooking, sports, and a capella. The summer after her sophomore year, she worked for Gladstone, a non-profit biomedical research institute affiliated with UCSF, where she did research with mouse embryonic stem cells and 3D cell culture. Last fall, she was in Copenhagen, Denmark studying Biomedicine and Drug Development. Aside from being the Lead Admission Ambassador, Leonida is also one of the Interns for the First Generation @ Scripps Program, a member of the Admission Advisory board, and plays on the consortium club volleyball team. Leonida’s thesis focuses on the base stacking interactions within DNA through the use of UV-Vis Spectroscopy and Circular Dichorism. Typically, if you can’t find Leonida anywhere on campus, she is usually in Keck or in her room where she likes to keep it a cool 68 degrees.

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Katherine DePalma ’18

Katherine DePalma is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama studying Politics & International Relations with a French Studies minor. In her time at Scripps, Katherine has mentored incoming first years for the New Student Program and coordinated events on campus with the Scripps Associated Students Programming Committee. Katherine’s interest in politics is motivated by bringing people together. Her time between the deep south and southern California kindled an interest in the political polarization of 21st century American politics and how to bridge that gap. In spring of 2017, Katherine will study in Aix-en-Provence, France. After graduation in 2018, Katherine plans to gain work experience before attending law school.

Contact Danielle

Danielle Ferrer ’18

Danielle is a junior from Maui, Hawaii, majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Computer Science. Danielle enjoyed participating in theater, dance, and, environmental programs during high school. Since starting at Scripps College she has been involved in the Scripps community through clubs such as Wanawake Weusi (a club for students that identify as African or African American), of which she was the Vice President, and Café con Leche (a group for students that identify as Chicana or Latina). This past year she was also a Team Leader for the New Student Program, a program that helps acclimate new students into the college setting as well as creating informational events for new students.

Contact Avery

Avery Harwood ’19

Avery, a sophomore from Silver Spring, MD, is planning to major in Anthropology or Media Studies, with a definite minor in Spanish. Other than being an Admission Ambassador at Scripps, Avery also is a mentor to a local high school student through the Claremont organization Uncommon Good. Avery also loves to participate in the club I Am That Girl, and enjoys going on various outdoors trips with the different outdoors clubs at the Claremont Colleges. This past summer, Avery worked as a hiking staff at a backpacking camp on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. She loves to get to know people while enjoying time outside. In her remaining years at Scripps, Avery hopes to get more involved with the Claremont community outside of Scripps, as well as study abroad in South America for a semester. In her free time, you can find Avery enjoying the fresh air and listening to music on any of the Scripps lawns!

Contact Philippa

Philippa Haven ’17

Philippa is a senior from Boston, majoring in Public Policy Analysis and Economics. She is returning from an exciting summer in New York, where she interned for the Chief Economist at the Office of the New York Attorney General. Philippa is the Co-Treasurer for Scripps Associated Students, Scripps’ student government body, a teaching assistant for Intermediate Macro and Microeconomics, and an active member of Scripps’ Economic Society. In her free time, Philippa is either hiking one of the beautiful, nearby mountains or reading in one of Scripps’ courtyards.

Contact Michelle

Michelle Henderson ’19

Michelle is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois, and is planning to major in International Relations. During her free time on campus, Michelle is a member of Wanawake Weusi and enjoys singing with other 5C students in Women’s Blue and White A Cappella. She also loves going with friends to Zumba and kickboxing classes at the Tiernan Field House and biking around the campuses and the town of Claremont. On the weekends, Michelle likes taking trips into LA to explore the city and see friends at schools nearby. Michelle is super excited to be an Admission Ambassador this year and can’t wait to share her excitement about Scripps with prospective students and families.

Contact Natalie

Natalie Lillie ’19

Natalie Lillie is a sophomore from Los Altos, California, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Legal Studies. Natalie loved being active in student government, marching band, mock trial, and on her basketball and swim teams during high school. Since starting her journey at Scripps College, Natalie sits on the Scripps Student Investment Fund board, writes for the sports section of The Student Life, a 5C publication, and crochets with the Babes and Blankets club on campus. This year she is also an intern in the Office of a President. When Natalie isn’t on a run or doing meditative yoga at Tiernan Field House, she can be found savoring each sip of coffee and engaging in meaningful conversations with friends.

Contact Kelly

Kelly Peng ’18

Kelly is a junior who hails from Battle Creek, Michigan, the city of cereal. She is majoring in Biology with a minor in Asian American Studies and is on the Pre-Medical track. In her time at Scripps, Kelly has been involved in the Admission Advisory Board, serving as Chair of the board during her sophomore year and in Scripps Associated Students (SAS), Scripps’ student government. On SAS, Kelly has served as a hall senator, class president, and is currently the student body vice president. In addition, she is involved with the Asian American Sponsor Program, where she served as a sponsor to first years who identify as Asian or Asian American and currently serves as a co-head sponsor. During the past two summers, Kelly worked as a Team Advisor for the National Student Leadership Conference, where she mentored high school students in leadership skills and neuroscience topics. When Kelly is not doing homework, she can be spotted in Seal Court enjoying a Motley drink and squirrel watching, on the Sallie Tiernan pool deck taking a nap, buying 10 bags of hot cheetos from the school store, or scoring men’s tennis.

Contact Clarisse

Clarisse Salazar ’18

Clarisse Salazar, a junior from Phoenix, AZ, is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Foreign Languages (Spanish and French), and she just came back from studying abroad in Canterbury, England. She has been the summer intern and worked for the Office of Admission and Scripps College Academy, a college access program for middle and high school girls in the local area. This is her second year as an Admission Ambassador and looks forward to meeting prospective students during Discover Scripps and DIVE into Scripps every year. During her sophomore year, she was a sponsor for the 5C Chicano Latino Student Affairs office and a Core 1 Mentor. This year she also works for SCORE (Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment) and is president of Café con Leche, the affinity group for Latinx students on campus. That’s why you can always find her in SCORE, even if she’s not working; and if you can’t see her, just wait a moment for her laugh, and you will definitely hear her!

Contact Michall

Michall Singleton ’18

Michall, a junior from Los Angeles, CA, is an intended Economics major on the pre-medical track. Currently, Michall is studying abroad in New Zealand. Even though she works in the Admission Office as an Ambassador for Scripps, Michall also works in the Dean of Students Office and the Williamson Gallery.  During her first two years at Scripps, she has been an active member of Café Con Leche, serving on the board as treasurer. She enjoys being a Chicano Latino Student Affairs sponsor to a few of Scripps first-year students. Every other night, you can find her practicing at the Tiernan Field House for the 5C Women’s Club Soccer team.

Contact Chloe

Chloe Soltis ’17

Chloe, a senior from Upland, CA, is majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics. She was born and raised in Southern California and absolutely loves being outdoors, whether it be hiking in mountains, running a new trail, or paddle-boarding at the beach. On campus, she is actively involved with the Scripps Activities Team, Challah for Hunger, and Scripps Associated Students. She has also served as a Peer Mentor for the New Student Program and is currently a Teaching Assistant for Introductory Biology. This past summer, she received a Johnson Summer Research Grant from Scripps to investigate different forms of children’s dental education. She loves spending her free time catching up with friends in the Motley or taking a FitScripps class at the Sallie Tiernan Field House.