Admission Staff

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Victoria Romero
Vice President for Enrollment
(909) 621-8149

Favorite place on campus: Margaret Fowler Garden

"This 'secret garden' is one of the most serene, tranquil places on the Scripps campus. Shaded by olive trees and beautiful wisteria, the garden includes calming fountains, fragrant blossoms, and stunning artwork. It is simply the perfect place to go and think, read a book, or chat with a friend."

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Laura Stratton
Director of Admission
(909) 621-8791

Favorite place on campus: Malott Commons

“First, the food is great! From fresh greens to yummy desserts, it is the place to recharge at the Claremont Colleges. Second, I love the three distinct dining rooms, which feel more like a close-knit home environment than a cafeteria. Finally, I really enjoy seeing the Scripps community in action: students talking about Core or interacting with faculty members…it’s the best place to sit back and take in the essence of Scripps.”

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Kristina Brooks
Assistant Director of Admission and Transfer Coordinator
(909) 607-7595

Favorite place on campus: W. M. Keck Science Center

“Standing at the intersection of Scripps, Claremont McKenna, and Pitzer Colleges, the Keck Science Center symbolizes the collaborative nature of our joint science department. Not only are students from all three colleges involved in research and learning, but faculty in biology, chemistry, and physics share a single space as well. I also love that the pathway to the Keck Science Center is enlivened by quotes from inspirational women like Beverly Sills, Rachel Carson, and Zora Neale Hurston, setting the mood for the creativity and experimentation that goes on there.”

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Lyanne Dominguez ’13
Admission Counselor
(909) 607-3492

Favorite place on campus: Toll Hall

“As the first building constructed on Scripps’ campus, Eleanor Joy Toll hall has experienced many changes throughout the years. Each room within this residence hall is unique in shape, character, and narrative. Along with its vital role in the history of Scripps, its living room, browsing room and inner courtyard continue to serve as excellent places to hold club meetings, have an outside study session, or catch the latest episode of that trendy show everyone’s talking about.”

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Kathleen Graham
Admission Counselor
(909) 621-8563

Favorite place on campus: Ella Strong Denison Library

"Besides being a beautiful aesthetic aspect to Scripps College, the traditions and symbolization that lies behind the wooden doors is something extraordinary. The library was designed by the original campus architect, with stained glass windows and beautiful hand-carved wood interior doors. The best part about these doors is that they hold a tradition near and dear to the women of the college. They are only opened two times a year, once at the matriculation ceremony for the freshman, to symbolize the start of their Scripps journey, and then once at commencement to signify the senior’s educational journey coming to a close. At all other times of the year they remain closed. This unifying experience is one only present at Scripps and something that binds all of the classes together."


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Jessica Johnston
Assistant Director of Admission
(909) 607-8920

Favorite place on campus: Graffiti Wall

“Next to the Rose Garden, Graffiti Wall is a place for students to literally leave their mark on campus. Each senior class decorates a portion of the wall as they prepare to become Scripps alumnae. The inscriptions reflect the changing interests and historical context of each class  since the class of 1931 first painted their self-portraits.”

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Ashley Pallie ’08
Associate Director of Admission
(909) 621-8282

Favorite place on campus: Seal Court

"Seal Court captures the essence of a residential, women’s college. On Wednesdays, Scripps Tea attracts the entire community; classes are even released early so students, faculty, staff, and alumnae can join in conversation, relaxation, and community-building. On Fridays, students flock to Seal Court to buy bread from the student group Challah for Hunger, with proceeds going to refugees in Darfur, or to grab a drink at the Motley Coffeehouse. When many other colleges clear out, Scripps celebrates the weekend, and its residential life, by eating together (another tradition)!"

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Anna-Marie Wood ’13
Admission Counselor
(909) 607-8921

Favorite place on campus: Honnold Gate

“This was the very first part of Scripps I encountered, and I loved how it contained the Scripps motto and a famous quote from Ellen Browning Scripps. Whenever I come back to campus and see this spot, it reminds me of that first time and how I knew my life would change because of Scripps. I love that the gateway serves as a popular meeting place for students, whether they’re going on an excursion to Los Angeles, walking over to a class together, or even just meeting up for lunch. It truly represents how connected Scripps students are and how entering this beautiful place can be a big milestone in their lives.”

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Office of Admission Support Staff

From offering a friendly greeting during your campus visit, to processing all of your application materials, the Admission support staff makes our office run smoothly.

Miselle Barnes
Program Administrator/Data Manager
(909) 621-8916

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Carol Carter
Administrative Assistant
(909) 607-1517

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Yvette Fahim
Operations Assistant
(909) 607-1839

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Margaret Vall
Administrative Assistant
(909) 621-8149

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