Spotlight on Students: Scripps Associated Students President Megan Chow ’23

By Katie Hanson ’25

Portrait of SAS President Megan Chow '23

After three semesters off campus, Scripps Associated Students (SAS) President Megan Chow ’23 is ready to strengthen the Scripps community and its infrastructure for future generations. Chow, a psychology and Asian American studies dual major, is simultaneously navigating the presidency of both SAS and the Cantonese Club, which she revived after a pandemic-induced hiatus. Scripps’ Office of Marketing and Communications spoke with Chow about her ambitious plans focused on inclusion and support.

Office of Marketing and Communications: What inspired you to run for SAS President?

Megan Chow: I’m from the East Coast; New Jersey is my home. Coming to school so far away was a difficult transition for me. But to be able to be in community with people at Scripps really made it feel like home for me here. Part of what drove me to run for SAS was trying to maintain and strengthen this sense of community and tight-knit, supportive culture that I experienced as a first year for future generations at Scripps. I also wanted to just be a resource for the community, to meet students where they’re at, to provide resources and lead projects that are helpful and geared towards supporting Scripps students.

MarComm: What are your goals and priorities for this year?

MC: A big part of my goal is really trying to listen and uplift individual students, especially those who come from underrepresented backgrounds. I think a lot of what I’m doing is bringing my personal values into this role, and also listening to and giving power to folks who haven’t been given those opportunities before. I really value that SAS can be a resource and a safe and comfortable space for students to push themselves. We can envision a better Scripps for future generations to come into. A lot of the resources that I’m really grateful for at Scripps were really fought for by past students. Also, building a stronger, smoother line of communication between administration and students is always a big goal. I want it to be possible for students to directly communicate with administration.

MarComm: What do you love most about Scripps?

MC: The students at Scripps are so passionate and dedicated, and so creative, supportive, and optimistic. Being around that environment really helps me grow and learn to be a better person, and also feel more hopeful for the future. A lot of the professors I’ve met here are really committed to helping students grow. I love that these amazing people gravitate towards Scripps to create this culture.

MarComm: What do you want Scripps students to know about you?

MC: I’m always here as a support system. I’m always open to new ideas and to change, and to improve the work that I’m doing. I just want students to know that I am really intentional about being an accessible resource to them. Even beyond SAS, I’m always here as a peer or friend. It’s important to me to be able to channel love and compassion to the work I do.

MarComm: What are your post-graduation plans?

MC: I’ve worked with a lot of local nonprofit and grassroots organizations. Community organizing is something that’s really important and impactful to me. I do know that I want to work in community-based services or organizations in the future.