Spotlight on CLORGs: Blend Fosters Community and Personal Growth for Mixed Students

By Lauren Mar ’25

Portraits of Sam Gates and Grace Lyde, members of Scripps' Blend CLORG

In 2018, a group of Scripps students formed a new CLORG (student-run club and organization) on campus to provide them with a sense of belonging. That group became Blend, one of the affinity-based CLORGs housed under Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment, commonly known as SCORE.

Blend’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive space for students who identify as multi-ethnic/racial. According to alum and former co-president Atzi Gates ’ 21, Blend is a space for students “to discuss what it means to be at the intersection of different racial and ethnic identities.”

While the other affinity-based CLORGs at Scripps are several decades old—with most dating back to the 1960s civil rights movement advocating for identity spaces in higher education—Blend has only existed for five years. However, the CLORG has quickly fostered a tight-knit community and opportunities for student leadership.

Current co-president Sam Clark ’24 says that “Being able to meet with these people, spend time with them, and find the intersectional identities we share  is a unique thing to Scripps.” Amaya Duncan ’22 agrees, noting that hearing about Blend at Admitted Student Day was one of the reasons she chose Scripps. During her first year at Scripps, she was on Blend’s board—the year after, she joined Gates as co-president.

Because the CLORG supports students of mixed racial and ethnic identities, there is no one universal experience that members share. Rather, Blend aims to uplift the individual experience of each student through its weekly gatherings, which alternate between an educational, discussion-based meeting and a fun bonding activity. Blend has hosted workshops on anti-Blackness and colorism in addition to spa and movie nights.

The club also maintains a strong intergenerational character. Members receive mentorship from older students and have the opportunity to mentor others. A favorite tradition is Course Night, in which members go over their schedules ahead of course registration and receive insights from other students on various classes and professors.

Because of Blend’s unique attributes, co-presidents Clark and Grace Lyde ’23 hope to increase collaboration with other Scripps affinity groups and continue their tradition of collaboration with Mixed, the mixed-affinity group at Pitzer College.

As Lyde says, “Blend is built out of different communities. It’s helped me find the core of some of the things that I really love about myself.”