Scripps College Pre-Law Society Provides Support for Students Interested in Legal Field

By Aliza Mayer ’23

Last year, during remote instruction, Kayla Solomon ’23 decided to create a space where Scripps students interested in pre-law could come together and learn about the process in a low-stress, supportive environment. After reaching out to all current Scripps students virtually, Solomon discovered that there was an overwhelming demand, and students quickly connected online to form the Scripps Pre-Law Society (SPLS). Over the past year, these self-starters have recruited approximately 80 members and created a variety of resources for Scripps pre-law students, including the Alumnae Circle, a job board, and LSAT preparation seminars through LSAT Engine.

Solomon’s goal for the future of SPLS is to maintain and develop good relationships with alumnae in the legal field who can help students with the process of entering the profession, such as applying to law school. Alums in the Alumnae Circle offer one-on-one mentoring, speaking events, and other resources to support students’ exposure to the legal world. With around 50 alumnae involved, current students have access to a wide variety of perspectives and networking opportunities.

SPLS also hosts a job board on their website, where positions for both current students and graduates are posted. During Solomon’s initial outreach, she heard from many students who wanted help navigating the internship process. SPLS has since held an event with Career Planning & Resources (CP&R) that focused on finding internships. “We want to offer a collaborative list of legal internships on the job board, because we know how hard it is to get a law internship as an undergraduate student,” Solomon says.

Finally, SPLS has partnered with LSAT Engine, a technological educational consultant, to help students prepare for the LSAT while at Scripps. This service is a virtual, personalized private tutoring program.

Moving forward, SPLS hopes to build additional partnerships throughout The Claremont Colleges and Los Angeles. On campus, members plan to connect with other pre-law resources across the 5Cs, such as Pomona College’s pre-law advisor, and host events with other 5C societies and debate unions. Off campus, they’re exploring ways to give back to the legal community by raising money for the Legal Fund in Los Angeles.

Solomon credits the club’s rapid success to students’ shared determination to provide a space, whether virtual or in person, to support one another and benefit from shared resources. “In a short amount of time, we’ve recruited a lot of members and alumnae,” she says. “It gives me great hope for the future of SPLS.”