Mary Roberts ’81: “African Arts at LACMA: A Tribute to Samella Lewis”

In this richly illustrated lecture, Scripps alumna Polly Nooter Roberts ‘81 introduces a new gallery and educational program for the arts of Africa at LACMA. She focuses on the current exhibition, Shaping Power: Luba Masterworks from the Royal Museum for Central Africa, to demonstrate deeply philosophical concepts and complex cultural practices embodied by works of African art. The sculptures featured in her exhibition were integral to shaping one of central Africa’s most prominent kingdoms, and attest to women’s critically important political and spiritual roles in Luba society.

Dr. Roberts dedicates this talk to her mentor at Scripps College and first professor of African art, Dr. Samella Lewis, who inspired her to pursue a career in African art, and gave her exposure to museums in a way that laid the foundation for a lifetime of research and exhibition-making.

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