Mia Shackelford ’17 Weighs in On Trump Presidency as KPCC-FM Panelist

CLAREMONT, California - August 18, 2017

Business consultant and Clinton supporter Mia Shackelford at AirTalk’s Across the Divide 2. Photo credit: Bill Youngblood

Mia Shackelford ’17 was recently invited back to the KPCC-FM radio show Air Talk to participate in an eight-person panel discussing the Trump presidency and current political climate, in an episode entitled “Across the Divide.” Shackelford was originally asked by host Larry Mantle to share her opinions as a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in the 2016 U.S. presidential election during a live broadcast from Pomona College. In the follow-up discussion seven months into the Trump presidency, Mantle asks the panelists to weigh in on such topics as immigration, job growth, financial and healthcare reform, among others. Shackelford is currently a business consultant in San Francisco.