In the Media: Alumnae Sarah Balderston ’18 and Mandeep Sandhu ’18 Published in Nature Biomedical Engineering

Recent Grads Create a Handheld Lab to Study Aging

Sarah Balderston ’18 and Mandeep Sandhu ’18 were recently published in Nature Biomedical Engineering for their work as part of a larger research team that created a biosensor that rapidly detects genetic mutations using CRISPR genetic technology. The handheld device is smaller and delivers results more quickly than previous technologies, making it a promising tool for future clinical application. This work is a continuation of Balderston and Sandhu’s Scripps senior theses, which also explore the use of CRISPR technology. Balderston and Sandhu are part of the Keck Graduate Institute team led by Assistant Professor of Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Kiana Aran. According to the paper, CRISPR-Chip “has the potential to extend the boundaries of digital genomics.”