Scripps Events: Malott Public Affairs Program Celebrates 10 Years


The Elizabeth Hubert Malott Public Affairs Program celebrates its 10th anniversary on November 17, 2016, hosting a conversation between political commentator Norm Ornstein and Scripps Associate Professor of Economics Sean Flynn. Dr. Ornstein, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, brings his extensive knowledge of the electoral process, Congressional politics, and campaign finance reform. The timing of the program—just one week after the election of Donald Trump as president—presents an opportunity to reflect on the current political landscape and how it is likely to evolve in the wake of election 2016. “If there is anyone to ask what the future might look like, it is Norm Ornstein,” says Scripps’ Director of Public Events Corrina Lesser, whose office organized the event.

According to Flynn, “People should come for a unique and knowledgeable perspective on Washington and its apparent dysfunction. They should also come to see how a scholar like Dr. Ornstein adjusts his analysis to changing events.”

The Elizabeth Hubert Malott Public Affairs Program was established by the Malott Family in 2006. Named in honor of Scripps alumna and trustee, Elizabeth Hubert Malott ’53, the program aims to engage Scripps students in the discourse of contemporary conservative thought.

Explains Lesser, “Elizabeth, or ‘Ibby,’ as she’s known to her family and friends, was a Scripps alumna and very involved with the College throughout her life. In addition to establishing the Malott Commons, which transformed community space at Scripps, Ibby was passionate about creating a forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity for students to be exposed to a range of opinions and perspectives. The Malott Public Affairs Program has played host, since its inception, to some very substantive, insightful contributors to the world of policy and politics.”

According to Elizabeth Malott’s daughter, Liza Malott Pohle, “She felt a public affairs program of this nature would add to the depth and breadth of the outstanding academic experience which has always been a hallmark of the Scripps education.”

The program boasts a roster of high profile past speakers—a list of conservative commentators, politicians, pundits, authors, and scholars that includes Mary Matalin, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, David Brooks, Ben Stein, Charles Krauthammer, and Peggy Noonan.

“I feel it is an important annual event for Scripps College,” Pohle says. “It fulfills my mom’s vision ‘to bring the world to Scripps students and to provide opportunities for conservative perspective on a range of public policy issues to be voiced, discussed, and debated in thoughtful, respectful, forums.”

In addition to the conversation between Ornstein and Flynn, the program will include an open question-and-answer session to facilitate audience discussion. For more information about the event, which is open to Scripps students, faculty, staff, and the 5C community, click here.