Scripps College Professor Explores the Lives of Women at Crossroads

Scripps College Associate Professor of Writing Kimberly Drake was a recent featured guest on “California Edition,” a statewide public affairs program that reaches up to six million California homes. Her interview will air twice daily this entire week (June 9-15) at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the California Channel.

In this 10-minute interview with host Brad Pomerance, Drake discusses her second book, an edited collection of stories and recipes written by the women she has met at Crossroads in Claremont. Crossroads is a residential home for women who have been newly released from state prison. Drake says the women at Crossroads want the book’s readers to know that they “are human beings, like anyone else.”

“They are diverse people. They have many different experiences – very different backgrounds – but they come together in this really difficult space of prison and they nourish each other and they nourish themselves,” says Drake, who also serves as director of the Scripps College Writing Program. “And one way to do that is by cooking.”

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