Macko’s “Bee Stories” at Claremont Museum of Art

Nancy Macko, professor of art and chair of gender and women’s studies at Scripps College, has her video, Bee Stories, 2006, included in the upcoming exhibition, Multiverse, at the Claremont Museum of Art, opening September 20.

Macko has focused on images from honey bee societies for the last 10 years, using the structures to delve into the relationships between art, science, technology, and matriarchal cultures. Her work often draws on several mediums such as painting, photography, and digital installations.

Multiverse “refers to the hypothesis that all of physical reality actually exists within a set of multiple, parallel universes, of which our universe is merely one part” (Multiverse, Claremont Museum of Art) and seeks to explore these possibilities in an artistically vibrant exhibition with diverse media. Participating artists come from around the world and include Sebastiaan Bremer of New York; Emre Hüner of Istanbul, Turkey; Miler Lagos of Bogotá, Colombia; and Kerry Tribe of Los Angeles, among others. Artists will also participate in email exchanges with local scholars on the discipline of their choice, which will also be included in the exhibit.

For more information, contact the Claremont Museum of Art at (909) 621-3200.