U.S.News & World Report Ranks Scripps College Among Top 25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges

U.S. News & World Report ranks Scripps College 23rd on its annual list of America’s best liberal arts colleges in 2017, up from 29th in 2016, as reported in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and the Los Angeles Daily News. Key contributing factors to Scripps’ top-tier position include scores for lowest student debt, high school counselor assessment, small classes, and student-faculty ratio. The College is featured in the article among The Claremont Colleges, all of whom are highly ranked.
Scripps also ranks #24 among top 25 National Liberal Arts Colleges in the publication’s “Least Debt” rankings, with average student debt upon graduation at $18,692, down from 2016’s figure of $20,075. The Claremont, California-based women’s college is on the Top 25 of High School Counselors’ list of “Top College Picks” for National Liberal Arts Colleges. 
U.S. News & World Report bases its rankings on the following key criteria: academic reputation, selectivity, and faculty resources. Data in multiple variables are collected from several national liberal arts colleges. They then assign a weight to each variable, denoting its importance. A college is then compared to its peer colleges, and rankings are assigned, based on a composite weighted score.