Scripps College Professor Discusses Food Politics on Statewide Public Affairs Program

Scripps College Professor of International Political Economy Nancy Neiman Auerbach was a recent featured guest on “California Edition,” a statewide public affairs program that reaches up to six million California homes. Her interview will air twice daily this entire week at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the California Channel.

In this 10-minute interview with host Brad Pomerance, Auerbach discusses her research in the field of food politics.

“In this country, often political debates center around this issue of choice and freedom,” says Auerbach, the Mary W. Johnson Professorship in Teaching chair. “We start from the point that we think we’re free, but we’re really not. The fact is corporations have an amount of power to change the relative cost of food.”

Check your local listings here: Or, watch the interview here.