Politics and Society

March 10, 2016

Hannah Beth Jackson ’71 Among Top 11 Women in American Politics

The Huffington Post notes women are making progress at the federal, state and city levels of government beyond household names like Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, listing 11 high-profile politicians of note, including Scripps College's own Hannah Beth Jackson '71.

February 19, 2016

Los Angeles Times Features Scripps Presents Event with Nancy Pelosi

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Assistant Professor of Politics Vanessa Tyson engaged in a lively and pointed discussion with a near-capacity crowd of students, faculty, staff, and members of the Scripps community at a noontime Scripps Presents event on February 18.

February 10, 2016

Huffington Post Features Professor Mark Golub’s Article on Student Activism

Mark Golub, associate professor of politics at Scripps College, explores in Huffington Post how anti-racist norms coexist with persistent conditions of racial oppression on college campuses across the country.    

January 29, 2016

Angela Davis Holds Scripps Students Spellbound During Scripps Presents Event

Angela Davis, a revolutionary author, scholar, and activist, speaks on radical activism at event hosted by Scripps Presents. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reporter Imani Tate captured highlights from the talk.   Read more  

January 29, 2016

USN&WR Features Professor Vanessa Tyson on Clinton’s Lack of Connection with Millennial Voters

Vanessa Tyson, assistant professor of politics at Scripps College, explains in an opinion article for U.S.News & World Report the challenges Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faces with the youth vote in Iowa prior to the Democratic caucuses on February 1.  Clinton lacks the popularity that competitor Bernie Sanders enjoys for a variety of reasons, […]

January 7, 2016

Professor of Anthropology Lara Deeb’s New Book Featured

Lara Deeb, professor of anthropology at Scripps College, was interviewed by Jadaliyya about her new book, "Anthropology's Politics: Disciplining the Middle East," with co-author Jessica Winegar, associate professor of anthropology at Northwestern University.

December 1, 2015

The Risk of A Lifetime

Quartz magazine, which features global news designed for reading on digital tablets and smart phones, highlights Scripps College philosophy professor Rivka Weinberg's new book The Risk of A Lifetime.

October 14, 2015

Scripps Alumna California Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson Introduces Equal Pay Bill

Scripps alumna Hannah-Beth Jackson ’71, a member of the California State Senate representing the 19th District, was responsible for creating the equal pay bill that California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law in mid-October. SB358, which has come to be known as the Fair Pay Act, is being described as the “nation’s strongest equal pay […]