Gayle Greene Featured in JSTOR’s Feminist Theory Article

As feminist anger continues to dominate the headlines, JSTOR writer Amy Shearn cites Scripps College Professor Emerita Gayle Greene’s 1991 article “Feminist Fiction and the Uses of Memory” as a bellwether for how far the feminist movement has come—or not. Greene’s article is cited along with several other scholarly works that explore issues covered in feminist fiction in past decades. Greene, who taught for 40 years as professor of literature and women’s studies at Scripps, reminds us in her article that memory is especially important to anyone who cares about change, noting that “forgetting dooms us to repetition; and it is of particular importance to feminists.” Greene’s 2008 book, Insomniac, won critical acclaim and was a bestseller. She released her new book, Missing Persons: A Memoir, in fall 2017.