In the Media: Tessa Solomon-Lane Published in Hormones and Behavior

Tessa Solomon-Lane

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Tessa Solomon-Lane has coauthored a paper published in Hormones and Behavior, a behavioral endocrinology journal. The paper’s authors are all women (cis women and trans women) and nonbinary scientists.

“Sex diversity in the 21st century: Concepts, frameworks, and approaches for the future of neuroendocrinology” argues that the scientific framework historically used to analyze biological sex fails to account for the true diversity and variability of sex in nature. The authors propose a modernized framework that will help scientists better account for sex diversity in studies.

“Even for those who fully appreciate sex diversity,” Solomon-Lane says, “the subsequent research and communication decisions aren’t always straightforward. Those decisions have consequences, including negative consequences for LGBTQIA scientists and the broader community. This paper will hopefully provide a genuine and open way to learn about the topic for scientists in the field.”