In The Media: Stacey Wood’s Psychology Today Article on Fake Job Scams

Portrait of Stacey Wood, Molly Mason Jones Chair in Psychology and professor of psychology at Scripps College in Claremont, California

Stacey Wood, Scripps’ Molly Mason Jones Chair in Psychology, authored a piece for Psychology Today: “Student Scam Season Is in Full Swing.” Wood discusses the rising number of scams targeting college students with fake job offers. The article was created in collaboration with Scripps student Alicia Lamkin.

“Some scammers are turning to social media, job platforms, and college campuses to obtain money and personal information from college students who may have less knowledge and experience with authentic job postings. In an effort to gain authority, scammers may pretend to be alumni of the college by looking up faculty members of the university or key landmarks of the college town,” Wood writes.

Scammers lure students through a fake hiring process and request onboarding documents including Social Security numbers and other sensitive information, after which they may request money for seemingly legitimate expenses they promise will be reimbursed later.

Wood advises that “Before pursuing a job offer, students should call the official company number found on their website, not the number the recruiter gave.”