In the Media: President Lara Tiedens Analyzes the Limitations of Need-Blind Admissions in Inside Higher Ed Op-Ed

A headshot of a smiling white woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a green blouse and standing in a library.

President Lara Tiedens analyzes the limitations of need-blind admissions in an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed. Tiedens argues that while students’ financial situations shouldn’t matter during the admissions process, they’re a vital consideration when it comes to creating an equitable educational experience on campus. “[…]to truly do what is best for our students, we need to be offering an opportunity for students to thrive financially, socially and psychologically on our campuses,” Tiedens writes. “To do so requires not just ignoring financial information at admission time but also, just as important, paying close attention to the finances of the students who enroll.”