In the Media: Gabby Giffords ’93 Pens People Op-Ed in Defense of IVF Access

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords ’93 and her husband Mark Kelly penned an exclusive op-ed for People sharing their thwarted IVF journey. In the piece, Giffords recounts how the couple had to abandon plans to grow their family via IVF after she suffered gunshot wounds during a failed assassination attempt in 2011.

Reflecting on recent legislative attempts to restrict access to IVF across the country, the couple argue for vigilance in protecting reproductive rights.

“Growing a family is never simple, even in the best of circumstances. We know that. When and how to do it is among the most personal decisions anyone makes. We know that, too,” Giffords and Kelly write in the article. “The government, whether its politicians or judges, has no business making those decisions for you. They should be yours alone.”