Meet the Scripps College Class of 2021

This week, Scripps welcomes the Class of 2021, whose members began a five-day orientation program that will culminate in the first day of classes, August 29. Scripps’ first-year class is made up of 329 students, the largest entering class in the College’s history. Students hail from 32 states, and 36 are the first in their families to attend college. They have won technology innovation, book, and debate awards, to name a few, and boast a wide range of interests as well as an impressive list of precollege accomplishments. Among the distinguished entering class are numerous honor society members, an Olympian medalist, art show and science fair winners, and slam poetry and journalism competitors.

Vice president for enrollment Victoria Romero previewed the class statistics at Scripps’ New Student welcome event, sharing “fun facts” as well as confirming the College received 2,841 applications, for an admit rate of 33 percent for the 2017–18 academic year. Here is a snapshot of the new class:


The Class of 2021 graphic