Class of 2017: Scripps College Graffiti Wall: Seniors Make Their Marks

Since 1931, Scripps’ graduating seniors have participated in what has become an essential rite of passage at the College: the signing of Graffiti Wall. Each year, seniors choose a mural design from student-submitted illustrations to paint on the wall, and then the entire graduating class adds its signatures. Graffiti Wall is a visual reminder of Scripps’ history and reflects the changing tastes and attitudes of students over the decades.

This year, Saloni Kalkat ’17, an art major and media studies minor from the Bay Area, was chosen as class artist. She shared a little of what inspired her design:

“I really love the [meaning of] the Scripps motto, Incipit Vita Nova—”Here begins new life.” Scripps is a place where I grew academically as well as personally. It cultivated me in a lot of ways, not just as a student. I wanted to incorporate the roses of Scripps to represent new life—I like the symbolism of flowers coming into full bloom. And the face represents all of us as women among the blooms.”

Below you can view a time-lapse video of Kalkat painting the Class of 2017 mural.