Class of 2016: Scripps College Graffiti Wall: Seniors Make Their Marks

Since 1931, Scripps’ graduating seniors have participated in what has become an essential rite of passage at the College: the signing of Graffiti Wall. Each year, seniors choose a mural design from student-submitted illustrations to paint on the wall, and then the entire graduating class adds their signatures. The Graffiti Wall is a visual reminder of Scripps’ history and reflects the changing tastes and interests of students over the decades.

The Class of 2016 chose Tiffany Gonçalves ’16 as their artist. According to Gonçalves, the koi pond in Seal Court inspired her mural.

“I tried to choose a space on campus that is significant and relevant to everyone,” she explains.

“Seal Court was the first one that came to mind, and the koi fish seemed simple and cute enough for a wall design. I also wanted to come up with something that was different from past designs.”

Below you can view a time-lapse video of the creation of the Class of 2016 mural.

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