Agents of Change

“It is here, in places like Scripps College, where the fight for women’s equality must continue,” said chemistry professor Mart Hatcher-Skeers to a packed Garrison Theater September 6. “You are the agents of change. You are the ones who will show the world what bright, educated women are capable of doing. You are the ones with big dreams and even bigger potential.”

Part of academic convocation, Hatcher-Skeers’s keynote address¬†“Ode to My Single Mother” received a standing ovation from the hundreds of students, faculty, and staff assembled, and kicked off the 2012-13 academic year with an unprecedented amount of energy. Please watch the video of her and Scripps Associated Students president Emily Jovais below or take a look at the pictures from the event and get fired up yourself!

Mary Hatcher Skeers

Emily Jovais ’13

Photos from Academic Convocation