Scripps College FAQ: COVID-19

Previous messages shared with the community about coronavirus can be found here 


Q: Why is the College moving its classes to a virtual environment and asking students to not return after spring break? 

A: These actions are being taken in the interest of the health and safety of our own community, as well as the wider community, as we try to minimize the spread of coronavirus. 

Q: Will the College remain open?

A: Yes, the College will be open, and the business of the College will continue. Our staff and faculty will be hard at work throughout the course of this period.  Many of them will be working remotely, yet they will be available and may be contacted by email.   

Q: How can I learn more about the coronavirus?

The most up-to-date information regarding prevention and other facts about the virus are located on the CDC website.


Q: What if I have already left for spring break?

Please contact the Office of Residential Life at to discuss possible options. 

Q: What if I forget something after I’ve packed and left campus?

A: No access will be granted after the residential facilities close. Please ensure you have packed all essentials before departing. 

Q: Can I leave my car on campus?

A: Yes, you can leave your vehicle on campus. Please ensure your vehicle is registered with Campus Safety. Your parking permit should be visible and relocated to the Tiernan parking garage. Be sure to close windows, lock doors and alarm the vehicle (if available). 

Q: Can I pack food in my boxes that will be stored?

A: Absolutely no food should be packed, even if the packaging is unopened, nor should it be left in your room. Please appropriately discard any items you are not taking with you. 

Q: What should I do if I cannot locate my key?

A: If you have lost your key, please email indicating a lost key and your current room assignment.  

Q: Can I leave items to be donated to Scripps Scrapps?

A: The Scripps Scrapps program has been cancelled for this semester. Do not leave items in your room or in common spaces. Please appropriately discard any items you are not taking with you.  

Q: If I am approved to remain on campus, can I stay in my current room?

A: Students remaining on campus will be relocated as we will be consolidating remaining students into fewer residential facilities. Selected facilities will be those that allow the College compliance with public health recommendations for social distancing. 

Q: If I am approved to stay on campus, will dining services be available?

A: Yes. Malott will remain open through March 20 with limited options. The level and nature of dining services that will be available after March 20 are being evaluated and updates will be provided as those determinations are made.

Q: Do I need to go home if I live in off-campus private housing?

A: Only students in campus housing both in residential halls and Scripps-owned houses will be required to go home. We strongly suggest you consult with your family/guardians to make the best decision for you and your overall health. Students who decide to stay in off-campus private housing will only be permitted to return to campus for open consortial services. All card access will be restricted.  

Q: What should I do if I won the use of a Scripps Green Bike for the semester?

A: Return it, the helmet, lock and keys to TFH prior to your departure.


Virtual Instruction

Q: How do I access my courses remotely?

A: In general, Faculty will use the Sakai Learning System at and the Zoom web conferencing platform. If your class does not currently use Sakai, consult your Faculty member for further instructions.  Zoom is available for both MacOS and Windows desktops, popular tablets such as the iPad, and Android and iOS (Apple) Smartphones. More information on Zoom can be found here: should install the Zoom app as soon as possible on the device(s) of choice.

Q: My class uses specialty software, such as SPSS, Matlab, and Stata. What do I do?

A: Most of the specialty software is available to students for free, or at a discounted cost. Please check the following page for updated information on how to obtain the software used in your course:

Q: What if I do not have access to Wi-Fi at my home or off-campus location or I do not have access to a computer?

A: Please work with your Primary Contact Dean. Note that classes are also accessible via an auditory only option, allowing you to listen to your classes and participate via phone.

Q: Is there someone who can help me troubleshoot should I have technical difficulties accessing classes remotely?

A: Yes. The IT Help Desk number is 909-607-3406 or email The IT webpage is a good resource should you have other technical questions:

Q: My home is on a different time zone than my course. How can I participate in course activities virtually given the time difference?

A: You should plan to participate in the course during the time that it is scheduled. 

Q: Will my professors and academic advisor have office hours?

A: Office hours will be available and your faculty will send you this information. 

Q: Who should I contact with questions about academics?

Please email questions to

Q: Can I still utilize my academic accommodations?

A: Please reach out to if you are in need support. 

Q: What about my emotional support animal?

A: Your emotional support animal needs to leave campus when you leave campus. Animals should not be left on-campus for any reason.

Q: I was starting the accommodation process but did not get to finish it. Can I still receive accommodations? 

A: Yes, contact to virtually complete your intake. 


Q: I currently work with a tutor, am I still able to work with a Scripps assigned peer tutor?

A: Yes, although you will need to work with your tutor remotely. If you have questions or wish to request a tutor, please contact 


Q: I have a campus job. Will I be able to work remotely?

A: No.

Q: I received a Laspa Grant. May I still use these funds for intended purpose? 

Please contact the Laspa Office for guidance at 

Q: I had plans to work/research on campus this summer. Should I make other plans now? 

A: You should wait until mid-April and then get in touch with your contact. 


Primary Contact Deans  

Q: Will I be able to meet with my PCD while I am not on campus?

A: Students will be able to continue to receive support and have meetings with their PCD. All meetings will be conducted over the phone or using Zoom.

Q: Will I be able to use my Student Health Insurance?

A: Aetna, the company that provides our Student Health Insurance Plan, has providers throughout the United States. Please contact Aetna customer service at (877) 480-4161 or visit 

Q: If I am enrolled in the Off- Campus Therapy Program, can I still access services this semester?

A: Yes, for students already approved by the Office of Case Management, subsidy coverage will remain until May 15th, 2020.

Q: Will my therapist offer alternative sessions (Video/ Phone)? 

A: This decision is at the discretion of each provider. Please contact your provider directly for additional information regarding alternative arrangements.  

Q: Whether I am on campus or at home, will I be able to access after-hour phone crisis counseling? 

A: Please call Monsour and press 1 for Protocall. 

Q: What happens if I have an emergency while on campus?

A: Campus Safety will continue its 24/7 operations.If you have an emergency, call Campus Safety. The Dean on-call is always available via Campus Safety. 


Q: Will I be reimbursed for room and board?

A: For students who will leave campus due to guidance related to COVID-19, the College will refund a portion of room and board costs. The offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts will contact each student by the end of April with specific information about adjustments to their account.

Q: I receive financial aid. Will my package be impacted by my taking classes remotely?

A: This information is forthcoming. Continue to check this FAQ for updates.

Q: I have been working in a Federal Work-Study position. What will happen to that aid? 

A: For students enrolled and performing in a Federal Work-Study position through Scripps, the College will continue to pay Federal Work-Study wages that you would have earned in an amount not to exceed your Federal Work-Study award in your financial aid package.  Students should ensure that they have correctly submitted and approved all electronic time sheet by Friday, March 13, 2020.  Students will receive their paycheck for hours worked on March 20, 2020.  The College will also process a one-time payment based on a student’s average earnings in the pay periods in February multiplied by the remaining bi-weekly pay periods in the academic year. The amount of the payment will not exceed your remaining unearned Federal Work-Study award.  Students who have not already done so should sign up for Payroll Direct Deposit and/or update their permanent address in Workday so that their payment reaches them in a timely manner.


Q: What will happen to my mail?

A: If you are leaving campus, please make sure your permanent/forwarding address is updated with the Registrar’s office. Your mail will be forwarded to you. You can update your address via student portal.Students remaining on campus may access the mailroom.  Mailroom hours may be limited after March 18. Updates will be made regarding mailroom hours as they are determined.

Q: If I am staying on campus, what other consortial resources will I be able to access? 

A: The Honnold Library will remain open with limited staff.

Q: If I am off campus, will I still be able to access consortial resources? 

A: No.The Student Health Center, Monsour Counseling Center and EmPOWER will remain open, but only for those students remaining on the 7C campuses or remaining in Claremont living in privately-owned housing.

Q: What Scripps College offices will be closed? 


  • The Motley Coffee House 
  • Student Store 
  • Tiernan Field House 
  • Denison Library 
  • Williamson Art Gallery 
  • Career Planning & Resources: The CP&R office will transition one-on-one student counseling appointments to a virtual model using phone or Zoom. Student drop-in hours and in-person events will be cancelled until further notice
  • Laspa Center for Leadership: Please schedule a phone or virtual appointment if you need to speak with a staff member 
  • SCORE: Please schedule a phone or virtual appointment if you need to speak with a staff member 

Q: What TCCS offices will be closed?


  • Chaplains: Please schedule a phone or virtual appointment if you need to speak with a Chaplain
  • CLSA: Please schedule a phone or virtual appointment if you need to speak with a staff member 
  • OBSA: Please schedule a phone or virtual appointment if you need to speak with a staff member