Response to the Events of January 6

Dear Members of the Scripps Community:

Yesterday, we witnessed an unprecedented attack on our democratic institutions, an assault on our constitutional process, and the stark discrepancy between law enforcement’s response to the insurrection and violence at the Capitol and their response to this summer’s peaceful protests against systemic racism and inequity. As scholars and citizens, we must uphold the conditions in which democracy thrives, including the robust inquiry that comes with being members of a liberal arts community.

In the educational spirit that lies at the center of Scripps’ mission, we must examine the factors that brought us to this moment in history and challenge each other to find constructive ways to move forward. The College continues to ensure opportunities are available for further learning and civic engagement, including coursework such as in the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities, which examines the nature and construction of truth, ongoing antiracist programs hosted by the IDEA Initiative, and the Laspa Center for Leadership’s programs in support of voter education and equitable political leadership.

As we begin the spring semester, I believe in our ability to overcome these challenges through continued commitment to our shared values—and with confidence in our resilience, the courage of our convictions, and the hope for a better future.


Lara Tiedens