Message to the Community from Amy Marcus-Newhall

I am honored to serve as the 11th president of Scripps College. It is a privilege to continue the legacy of the Scripps presidency and to build upon the accomplishments of transformative leaders who have guided the College’s growth and evolution for almost a century.

I eagerly anticipate collaborating with this community to preserve and strengthen Scripps’ place among the nation’s most distinguished institutions of higher education. I have served Scripps with pride for more than 30 years because I am passionate about the College’s mission and committed to its success, and I admire and care about the people who comprise this community.

As I reflect on my time at Scripps and embark on this new chapter, I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for entrusting me with the privilege and responsibility of stewarding Scripps’ future on the eve of its centennial. I look forward to elevating the accomplishments of the distinguished faculty and exceptional students who fulfill Scripps’ educational mission, and the professional staff who uphold its standard of operational and administrative excellence. I appreciate the opportunity to partner with the extended community of alums and families who contribute to the College’s strength and vibrancy through their engagement and support. I also value the ongoing collaboration with the Claremont Colleges community that collectively creates the rigorous, inclusive, student-centered living and learning environment that bolsters the Scripps experience.

It is my deep affection and gratitude for Scripps that led me to accept this appointment and that will define my service as president for the next three years. Scripps College is fortunate to have a Board of Trustees that governs at the highest level of integrity, accountability, and unity in pursing the best interests of the College. A collaborative and effective working relationship with the Board has been essential to my success as interim president, and I will continue to prioritize and nurture that relationship during my presidential tenure. I also want to take this opportunity to highlight the leadership, depth of expertise, and dynamism of the senior team I’ve had the privilege to serve alongside. Their alignment with the College’s strategic vision, resilience, and entrepreneurialism has been vital during periods of challenge and transition. I will continue to rely upon their wisdom and support as we execute the ambitious initiatives outlined in our strategic plan and plant the seeds for Scripps’ future.

I am among the first to acknowledge that my path to the presidency has been unconventional. While my career as a professor, scholar, Associate Dean of Faculty, and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty mirrors that of many aspiring college and university presidents, I twice accepted the role of interim president somewhat reluctantly and with no intention of assuming the role on a permanent basis. However, the two years I spent in the office of the president have been among the most gratifying of my career and I’m proud of what we achieved collectively in those years. As president, I will build on those accomplishments to define a vision that reinforces Scripps’ core identity, cements its enduring purpose, and strengthens its extraordinary community.

Many of you have asked how you can support me as I step into the president’s office once again, and I’m grateful for your support. My request is threefold: 1) seek opportunities to advocate for Scripps’ distinctive mission and experience in your spheres of influence, 2) engage by attending programs and events on- and off-campus that are designed to build community, create opportunities for collective learning, and foster innovation and impact, and 3) support the College’s success by volunteering, mentoring, and giving to the programs and initiatives that support students and faculty.

I would not take on this significant responsibility without your collective support and participation in the life of the College. I look forward to what we will achieve together in the years ahead.

Amy Marcus-Newhall