Lightning in a Bottle: Scripps’ Olive Oil Wins at International Competition

A group of women smiling at the camera while picking olives from an olive branch.

Scripps’ olive oil has won a bronze medal award at the 2020 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. The label, designed by Scripps staff member Christine Olbrech, administrative assistant for the Office of Information Technology, also won a bronze medal for package design.

Scripps revived its traditional olive harvest after a three-year hiatus this past November. Over 100 volunteers plucked 1,500 pounds of fruit, which was then pressed into 14 gallons of olive oil. The sale of the oil supports future sustainability initiatives on campus.

“This acknowledgment is incredibly special, especially considering that we are an educational institution,” says Landscape Operations Manager Joya Salas, who spearheaded the recent revival of the olive harvest. “We competed against entities whose sole function is olive oil production. I am familiar with many of the brands in the competition and feel honored that we can hold our own among highly talented producers who have been in the trade for years.”