College Launches “The Browsing Room,” Scripps’ Official Online Store

This week, Scripps College launched its new online store, The Browsing Room. The Browsing Room offers collegiate gear, from apparel to gifts to pet supplies and more, all with official Scripps branding.

The Browsing Room is the culmination of an effort initiated by the College with the launch of its strategic plan, the Scripps Centennial Plan. As part of the Distinctive Identity theme, the institutional culture initiative aims to empower the Scripps community to own the College’s legacy and become invested in its reputation.

Scripps had an opportunity to increase school pride both on campus and off by providing its community with official Scripps-branded products in an online shopping format—something that previously hadn’t been available.

“Families frequently reach out to our office inquiring if the College has particular types of Scripps gear,” says Director of Parent Engagement Casey Crosbie. “The expanded selection that The Browsing Room offers will be sure to excite parents and encourage families to proudly represent Scripps pride.”

Throughout the planning process, there was an emphasis on selecting products that align with Scripps’ values, including meeting standards for quality, labor, and ecological sensitivity. The fulfillment and production company that The Browsing Room is partnering with, the Chameleon Creative Group, is a woman-owned business headed by alumna Barbara Perry‐Lorek ’88. Chameleon is a California micro‐business affiliated with the Fair Labor Association (FLA), which focuses on sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly products.

The Browsing Room is also partnering with the student-run business, The Scripps Store, whose brick-and-mortar operation in Seal Court ceased entirely when campus shut down due to the pandemic. The Scripps Store merchandise will be available for purchase on The Browsing Room site throughout the year, whether students are on campus or not. Students will continue to have full control over what is sold in the physical store and what is available online. And 100 percent of the revenue from sales of The Scripps Store products will go directly to fund the student enterprise.

“We at The Scripps Store are excited to partner with The Browsing Room because we have sorely missed having students and their loved ones wear our merch and drop into our store,” says Gloria Choi ’21, who has worked at the store since her first year at Scripps and was slated to become co-manager this academic year before campus had to close. “Through this new partnership, we will be able to keep The Scripps Store brand alive during these difficult times, and we hope that by doing this, Scripps students will be even more excited to represent Scripps with our store merch when we eventually return to campus.”

Another reason to shop The Browsing Room is the ability to support Scripps with every purchase. At checkout, buyers have the option to “Round Up for Scripps,” rounding up their purchase total to the nearest dollar. All proceeds go toward The Scripps Fund.

The Browsing Room officially launched on February 15. Keep your eyes on Facebook and Instagram for new items and special offers.