We Act Grants FAQ

Can I apply for a We Act Grant and another grant or award issued by an office on campus for the same project?

Yes, but you can only accept one.

I received a We Act Grant in a prior year. Am I eligible to apply again?

Yes. The limit is two.

How long does it take to complete the application?

The application asks for some basic logistical information, but it also requires thoughtful responses to questions about leadership, your intention and vision for the project, and how it may impact others. You will also need detailed budget information and, if you are doing this project with or for an outside organization you will to provide their information as well. Depending on the complexity of your project you might need as little as two hours, or as many as six or more.

Can I do a We Act Grant project with another person or with a group?

Yes! We love group projects. One person from the group will submit the application and be considered the responsible party.

Can I use the We Act Grant to travel?

The grants are intended cover the expenses you incur as a result of carrying out the project. If those expenses involve travel, then, yes.

Can you put your We Act Grant towards working with an organization or does it have to be done independently?

Past recipients have put the grant both towards independent projects and projects that involve community groups, research institutions, and other types of organizations. As long as your work is being put towards your own project, it does not have to be done solo.

Can you seek advice about your We Act Grant application?

Yes! You can drop by the Laspa center (in Seal Court, right next to CP&R) to ask any questions, or set up an appointment with our office to review your application.

Do I need to be done by the end of the summer?

Yes. We Act Grants are intended to be completed over the summer and you should design it with that scope in mind. If, however, complications arise in the course of carrying out your project that prevent you from completing it, let the Laspa Center know, and we will work with you to set a new completion date.

Are We Act projects eligible for academic credit?


Are graduating seniors eligible?

Yes! We Act Grants are open to all currently enrolled students (including seniors).

Can I donate We Act funds to an individual or an organization?

No. The funds are intended to cover your project-related expenses and cannot be given away in any form, including gift cards. They can be used to pay for services rendered by an individual or organization but cannot be donated.

Can I change details about my We Act project once I’ve begun?

Certain aspects of your project might not work the way you had envisioned and making some minor adjustments is absolutely fine, and actually to be expected. However, if it looks like your project is turning out to be substantially different from the one that was green-lit by the Laspa Center, contact us right away and we will guide you.