IDEA Partnerships

The IDEA Initiative at Scripps College partners with both on- and off-campus organizations to engage the Scripps community in timely, relevant, and critical dialogue.

Scripps College/The Claremont Colleges Partners


Community, Assessment, Resources, and Education (CARE@SCRIPPS) provides assistance to the College community in navigating student concerns and supports students as they advocate, develop, and sustain success in school-life balance. CARE@SCRIPPS is available to help problem solve, understand options, and connect students with the number of resources available at the College, The Claremont Colleges, and in the surrounding community.

At The Claremont Colleges, Chaplains serve as confidential spiritual counselors, emotional leaders, and provide ethical leadership to the campus community at large. There are four Chaplains onsite, a Protestant Pastor, Catholic Priest, Rabbi, and Muslim Chaplain. Though each Chaplain holds a specific faith, they encourage and support all religious and spiritual student groups and communities on campus. It is the goal of the Chaplains to strengthen individual faith and promote interfaith relations. The Chaplains offer religious support, engagement opportunities, and foster a faith community for students as they pursue their education.

Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)
Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) provides enrichment programs and services that enhance the academic success and personal development of Chicanx/Latinx students at The Claremont Colleges. Our office offers academic support, personal guidance, graduate/professional school advice, cultural enrichment and leadership opportunities. We strive to promote programming that establishes a strong foundation in order to ensure success at The Claremont Colleges.

Department of Academic Resources and Services (ARS)
The Department of Academic Resources and Services (ARS)  provides support and resources for Scripps College students to positively impact and enhance their academic experience.

Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department
The Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department examines the categories of women, gender, and sexuality as they intersect with race, class, ethnicities, belief systems, and nationalities.

Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA)
OBSA is a cultural center and service unit within The Claremont Colleges Services. On behalf of The Claremont Colleges, the Office of Black Student Affairs is dedicated to providing support, resources and space for students of African descent to feel safe, valued, informed and connected.

Office of the Dean of Faculty at Scripps College
The Dean of Faculty Office assists Scripps’ faculty with their scholarship, research, and academic needs. It is their goal to provide excellent service and knowledgeable support.

Office of the President of Scripps College
Overseeing the offices and services of Scripps College, the Office of the President sponsors the IDEA Initiative.

Office of Student Affairs at Scripps College
The Dean of Students Office and Student Affairs encompasses all of co-curricular campus life—through acts of compassion, wisdom, integrity, professionalism and respect—works as a team to systematically create an educational and inclusive community that fosters the development of students as well-balanced leaders, scholars and engaged citizens.

Queer Resource Center (QRC)
The Queer Resource Center is a 7-College resource center serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, omnisexual, and pansexual communities, as well as allies, at The Claremont Colleges.

Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE)
SCORE works to build an inclusive community through social justice programming with an emphasis on intersectionality.

Scripps Presents
Scripps Presents is an electrifying mix of storytellers and artists, policymakers and musicians—and everything in between—committed to hosting eye-opening, mind-bending, genre-defying tête-à-têtes with iconic and emerging thinkers and doers, writers and performers, whose passion and perspective are changing the way we see the world.

Student Disability Resource Center
The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals by providing accommodations, assisting in mediation between students and faculty and providing student focus workshops on topics such as time management and study skills. We also provide training to faculty and staff on topics related to working with students with disabilities, Universal Design and Disability as Identity

This hour-long, weekly series features thought-provoking presentations by Scripps College faculty and visiting scholars and is open to the greater community.

External Partners


The Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (LACRELA) unites Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities across the United States to collectively address issues of racial diversity, equity and inclusion on their campuses.

Administrators, faculty, and staff across member institutions come together for monthly high-quality professional learning experiences on an array of topics pertaining to racial equity. These leaders have access to a digital repository of useful tools and resources, as well as engage with colleagues beyond their individual campuses through a dynamic virtual community of practice.