Pam Bromley

Writing Associate
Office Address: Humanities 134B
Email: [email protected]

Academic History

Ph.D., Politics, Princeton University
B.A., Political Science and Honors in Biology, Williams College

Areas of Expertise

  • Research methods
  • International relations
  • Political theory
  • Writing pedagogy
  • Writing centers

Selected Research and Publications

  • With Andrea Scott. The state of writing administration research across the Atlantic: A bibliometric analysis of a German flagship journal, 2010-2016. Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 17(2), 68-80, 2020.
  • With Andrea Scott. What can citations tell us about the state of the discipline now? Author and citation patterns in Journal der Schreibberatung, 2010-16. Journal der Schreibberatung 17(1), 76-90, 2019.
  • With Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg. L2 student satisfaction in the writing center: A cross-institutional study of L1 and L2 students. Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 16(1), 20-31, 2018.
  • Situating Canadian writing centres globally. Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie 27, 24-41, 2017.
  • With Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg. Writing centers, transfer, and dispositions: A cross-institutional, mixed methods study. Across the Disciplines: A Journal of Language, Learning, and Academic Writing, 13, 2016.
  • With Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg. Student perceptions of intellectual engagement in the writing center: Cognitive challenge, tutor involvement, and productive sessions. WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship (formerly the Writing Lab Newsletter), 39(7-8), 1-6, 2015. Reprinted in Parks, Stephen, Bailie, Brian, Garcia, Romeo, Licona, Adel, Navickas, Kate & Blakesley, David. (Eds.) (2017). Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2015-2016 (158-167). Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.
  • With Katharine Brieger. A Model for Facilitating Peer Review in the STEM Disciplines: A Case Study of Peer Review Workshops Supporting Student Writing in Introductory Biology Courses. Double Helix: A Journal of Critical Thinking and Writing, 2, 2014. Reprinted in Corbett, Steve & LaFrance, Michelle (Eds.) (2018). Student Peer Review and Response: A Critical Sourcebook (303-313). New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.
  • Active learning strategies for diverse learning styles: Simulations are only one method. PS: Political Science and Politics, 46(4), 818-822, 2013.
  • With Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg. How important is the local, really?: Cross-institutional quantitative assessment of typical writing center exit surveys. The Writing Center Journal, 33(1), 13-37, 2013.
  • With Dara Regaignon. Do writing fellows make a difference in students’ writing? The WAC Journal, 22, 41-63, 2011.
  • Co-editor, The Writing Center Journal, 2017-2021
  • AP Visiting Fellow in Assessment, Comparative Government and Politics, College Board, 2019

Selected Courses Taught

  • Writing 50: Globalization; Good or Evil?
  • Core 1: Truth
  • Core 2: Justice in Theory and Practice