Voice Audition Pathway For Beginners

  1. Please download and listen to the three piano accompaniment tracks for “Happy Birthday” that we have prepared for you, each in a different key. Each track has an introduction, and then you will hear our accompanist breathe in to cue your entrance. Try them all out, maybe a couple of times, and choose the key in which you feel most comfortable.

  2. After you pick your favorite key, find a way to play the accompaniment track fairly loudly in the same space where you will be singing for the recording. (I use a USB speaker, but you could also use your computer maybe.) It should be about as loud as an actual piano would be. Now try singing along. Even if you are shy, challenge yourself to sing out.  We need to hear you!

  3. Set up your phone or computer to record your audition video. Capture a full length image of your body for your singing audition and situate the recording device in order to balance the audio of the piano and your singing. This is fiddly! It might require a few recording attempts–but this is a good opportunity to rehearse! 🙂

  4. Listen and watch your recording.  If you think you can do better, feel free to try again, but don’t be too hard on yourself.  You are going to take voice lessons to improve; we just need to hear and see where you are starting from. 🙂

  5. Upload your final version as a private video to your 5-C Box account (or Youtube), and make a link that anyone can stream.  Test the link yourself, and ask a friend to see if they can get it to play. If everything works, then congratulations! You are ready to follow the 3-step instructions on the previous page.