Voice Lesson Auditions for all 5C Students

Welcome to Voice at Scripps!
Singing creates a powerful and immediate channel between the singer and the world. Come join us for some meaningful music-making and special projects this semester, that will energize you and connect you to fellow students.

For next semester , there are three course offerings in voice for members of the Claremont Colleges:
MUS170 Voice, MUS92 Voice for Musical Theatre, and MUS89 Group Voice.
All lessons require placement auditions for new students.

Please submit your audition materials as soon as possible, to help us predict demand. To help us do our best for you, please submit your materials as early as the semester beforehand and  no later than Friday before the first week of class in order to give the voice faculty time to watch your audition and read your materials before your faculty-student interviews, scheduled for the first days of the spring semester.

Late auditions may be possible, but we cannot guarantee placement. Please contact Professor Harley for more information, if you are submitting after that Friday. 

Here below is  a 5-minute introductory video  [password: voice] that takes you through the three steps of the online audition process: 1) Create your audition video and make a public sharing link 2) fill out the voice Audition Student Information Form 3) Make a 10-minute Interview Appointment for the first days of the semester with the three voice faculty (Professor Anne Harley, Professor Michaela Kelly, and Professor Paul Berkolds).


AUDITION PATHWAY FOR BEGINNERS: Are you new to voice studies? We have a special audition process for you.

Step 1: Record your Voice Audition Video and Create a Shareable Link

In order to best place you, for your voice audition, we would like to observe you singing a piece that you know and love.  Pick something that really shows off your best singing. Can you sing in a foreign language? We want to hear it!

  • All audition performances must be to musical accompaniment, either pre-recorded or live.
  • If you don’t have an accompaniment track available, send me the PDF score, and I will try to get one for you (I need 48 hours notice please).
  • When choosing your piece for the audition, pick a piece from either classical repertoire or musical theatre, because those are the styles we specialize in teaching.
  • Video record your audition with your iPhone or any other digital device, and try to capture your entire body as it is singing, so we can assess your vocal technique and performance skills.
  • Play the accompaniment as loudly as possible on your computer or through a speaker, and monitor balance between your sound and the accompaniment sound.
  • Test your audition recording by listening and viewing; if you want to try again, do so!
  • Finally, create a public link to the recording on YouTube or Box, and make sure it is working (not just for you, but for a non-5-College friend, for example).

Step 2: Fill out the Voice Audition Student Information Form

Once you have made your audition video and created a public link to that video on YouTube or your Box account, please fill out the Scripps 5C Voice Audition Student Information Online Form. You will be asked for a public link to your audition video, your contact info, your class schedule, and a little more about your preparation in musical subjects (voice lessons, choir, musical theatre productions, musicianship, etc.).

Step 3: Make an appointment with the voice faculty

Click on this scheduler to select a 10-minute Zoom appointment slot with the faculty. We will want to get to know you a little bit more, give you a chance to ask questions, and ask you to do a little sight reading of a simple melody line, either singing, or on an instrument of your choice.

For more information about auditions, please email the voice area director Professor Anne Harley.