Goals and Student Outcomes: Mathematics

Department Goals and Objectives

Goals are broad statements that describe what the program wants to accomplish

  1. Students gain computational skills and abilities.
  2. Students obtain a breadth and depth of mathematical knowledge sufficient for them to pursue graduate study in mathematics.
  3. Students learn to assess the validity of a mathematical argument.
  4. Students develop an awareness of the interconnections between different areas of mathematics.
  5. Students gain the confidence and competence to independently acquire, discuss, and apply mathematical knowledge.

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes describe specific knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes students should demonstrate

  • SLO1: Students demonstrate computational skills and abilities.
  • SLO2: Students exhibit in their work precise understanding of definitions and mathematical concepts.
  • SLO3: Students are able to combine and apply acquired mathematical knowledge.
  • SLO4: Students are able to create and write proofs in accordance with the standards of mathematical rigor.
  • SLO5: Students are able to effectively read, write, listen to, question and convey orally rigorous mathematical ideas and arguments.