Goals and Student Outcomes: Economics

Department Goals and Objectives

Goals are broad statements that describe what the program wants to accomplish

  1. Students will gain knowledge in Economics.
  2. Students combine and apply acquired disciplinary knowledge.
  3. Students are able to recognize valid claims or arguments.
  4. Students understand the assumptions, approaches, and debates in their discipline.
  5. Students can assess the merit or contribution of their work within the expectations of their discipline.
  6. Students communicate effectively to their target audience.

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes describe specific knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes students should demonstrate

  • SLO1: Students demonstrate basic skills and abilities with their subject matter.
  • SLO2: Students synthesize acquired disciplinary knowledge with that of other disciplines when appropriate.
  • SLO3: Student work will demonstrate an ability to accurately summarize the most important findings of previous literature and offer a legitimate and sound critique of existing research.
  • SLO4: In theoretical settings, student work should show how proofs and axioms can be used to develop economic models; in applied settings, student work should utilize the appropriate data and empirical methodology.
  • SLO5: Student work demonstrates how their topic and approach fits within economics and related disciplines.
  • SLO6: Student writing and oral presentations (when applicable) are organized, engage the audience, can be understood by an advanced student in economics, and demonstrate command of the material.