The Scripps Video program enables students to create and analyze video works in various genres and their hybrids. Experimental video as well as video’s relationship to mass media and popular culture are a special focus of the program. Students’ individual as well as collective intellectual inquiries, artistic explorations, and emotional examinations develop within a challenging and sensitive environment that encourages risk-taking and exchange.

Interdisciplinary engagement with video as documentation, essays, art, and narratives is well established in diverse fields of study. As a technology, video is not quite old and not quite new. From this optimal position combined with its pervasiveness, immediacy and capacity to represent the real to the very abstract, video is a powerful communication and expressive medium with an immense impact on society.

Courses emphasize formal, conceptual, and critical uses of video as the medium evolves in contemporary culture. Video shares computing resources for post-production (an Art Lab of ten Mac workstations equipped with the latest image, video, audio and web software) with the program in Digital Art and has dedicated digital production equipment housed in the Scripps Audio/Visual Office for check-out. Additional resources are shared with the Intercollegiate Media Studies Program and Pitzer’s Media Studies Production Office.